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TomTom Telematics is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers with more than 720,000 subscriptions worldwide. The company services drivers in more than 60 countries, giving them the industry’s strongest local support network and widest range of sector-specific third party applications and integrations.

Below are just a few reasons why more than 47,000 customers choose TomTom to provide their telematics solutions:

Their fleet management service is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, ensuring customers benefit from the highest levels of security, quality and availability.

TomTom Telematics build their own hardware, maintaining quality and ensuring reliability.

Their map accuracy is second to none. You may have noticed that even Apple relies on TomTom to power the maps on your Apple iOS and Mac devices.


WEBFLEET® is the control centre. This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allows you to have full access to your fleet, from physical locations (updated every minute) to an impressive suite of reporting options. You can use WEBFLEET® to send tasks to your employees and it can also be fully integrated with your own software programs, providing a seamless business platform.

Learn more about WEBFLEET® and its extensive capabilities here.

LINK – Vehicle Tracking Devices

The LINK vehicle tracking devices provide you with a reliable connection to your vehicles, giving you the ability to monitor driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and fuel consumption. You choose the right device to suit your needs and achieve the specific goals of your telematics programme.

TomTom LINK 530

LINK 530

Track your vehicles’ location and monitor your drivers’ behaviour using TomTom’s most advanced tracking device. The LINK 530 is compact, easy to install and will provide you with a wealth of information in real-time to WEBFLEET®.

LINK 105

The LINK 105 is an add-on to the LINK 530 to enable you to also track fuel consumption and monitor engine diagnostics. Using this valuable tool will provide insight into RPM, gear usage, diagnostic trouble codes and idling time.

These two devices alone could save you up to 15% in fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Learn more about these devices here.

PRO – Driver Terminals

The PRO devices put your drivers in control on the road, providing them with fastest routes to their locations and real-time traffic updates – allowing them to avoid heavily congested areas and road accidents.

Independent tests have shown that on average drivers using TomTom Traffic map updates reduce their travel times by 13% and up to 30% in congested areas*.

Further features of the driver terminals also include:

  • Active driver feedback, providing your drivers with real-time feedback on their driving performance
  • Visual fuel usage display
  • Text-to-speak technology to read out messages, increasing your drivers safety

The PRO devices also act as a true business enabler. You can host your own software and business apps on the Pro 8275 devices, making them a truly powerful business tool.

Choose the right solution for your business. Learn more about the different PRO driver terminal options here.

* German Aersopace Centre 2012 Study

Find out how much your business could save on fuel by installing TomTom trackers across your fleet

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