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Coordination and assistance with vehicle installation

GPS Gateway will manage and guide you through installation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you and your fleet. Our national panel of installers are flexible and can come to you to perform a bulk installation, or we can arrange for a staggered approach to ensure your business continues to run without interruption.

Communication strategies for senior management and drivers

When it comes to road safety, how you say things is just as important as what you say. Our experience in road safety consulting with major fleet companies has provided us with insight on how best to frame the introduction of a telematics programme into a business.

When you partner with GPS Gateway, we will assist you with the development of a communications strategy that will encourage adoption and promote the driver benefits of your telematics programme.

Road safety and fleet management reporting on a schedule that suits you

How much do you know about your drivers, your vehicles and the environment they operate in? With WEBFLEET’s impressive reporting suite, you can get the facts and figures you have always dreamed of.

GPS Gateway will help you configure the reports you want on a schedule that suits you, so you get the information that you want, when you want it. We can also assist with interpreting report data to make smarter fleet usage decisions.

Establishing licence verification processes

Simply citing a driver’s licence is not enough. We can help you develop a licence verification process that ensures you are taking every precaution against an unlicensed driver operating your vehicles.

Deploying a post-accident assessment process

Do you take the time to talk to your employees after they’ve had a crash? There’s so much to be learnt from a driver’s experience in a crash that, if done right, can potentially prevent a future accident.

GPS Gateway can design a specific post-accident assessment process for you. We can help to reveal the real reason each crash has occurred so that you can focus on the right solutions for your fleet.

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