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Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of workplace death in Australia? For the vast majority of us, driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing we will ever do at work.

Telematics has been proven to help improve employee’s safety on the road by monitoring performance, providing feedback and diagnosing why accidents have occurred – so that future ones can be prevented.

Learn more about some of the other key benefits of implementing a telematics programme below.

Navigate through traffic

Running into congestion on the road means that there is a greater chance a driver will become stuck, wasting billable time, burning fuel, missing targets and potentially disappointing customers.

TomTom Traffic provides your drivers with the fastest route to their destination, avoiding highly congested areas. With real-time updates, drivers can successfully navigate to their destination minimising any delays or disruption that can be caused by getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Independent tests have shown that on average drivers using TomTom Traffic map updates reduce their travel times by 13% and up to 30% in congested areas*.

* German Aersopace Centre 2012 Study

Driver Communication

With the use of a TomTom PRO device, you can send new job and order details directly to your driver. And with the inbuilt text-to speak-technology, the driver’s safety is not compromised as the messages are read out to them rather than being read on a screen.

The PRO device also allows you to send PDF files and the driver can respond to your messages using the reverse speak-to-text function, enabling two-way communication.

Vehicle Tracking

Whether your drivers are parked or on the move, you can find their exact location with ease using a TomTom Telematics programme.

Devices are compact and easy to install into any vehicle. Then all you have to do is log on to WEBFLEET®, TomToms’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to find any vehicle at any time. You can also trace movements and monitor driving performance, providing you with a wealth of information to improve your productivity and reduce your running costs.

WEBFLEET® is available on desktop and as an App.

Driver Safety

OptiDrive 360 is a full circle approach to continuously improve driving performance by following four steps:

  • Learn – Tips and tricks before a trip
  • Coach – Feedback and advice during a trip
  • Evaluate – Driving statistics for a single trip or for a selected period
  • Compare – Dashboard and reports for spotting driving performance trends and in-depth analysis

Using a TomTom PRO device, the driver receives continuous information based on the above throughout their trip. The same information is also transferred through to the back office, providing fleet managers the ability to monitor performance and use the insights in discussions with the driver.

Learn more here.

Extensive Reports

You can only manage what you measure. Fortunately, you can measure a lot with WEBFLEET®. The impressive reporting suite has been designed with a variety of different industries and company sizes in mind, and includes reports to help you keep on top of fuel efficiency, legal compliance and regulation, and quality of service. Reports can be scheduled so that you can get the information you want, when you want it.

Other reporting categories include:

  • Vehicle tracking reports
  • Workforce management reports
  • Green and safe reports

Learn more here.

Chain of Responsibility

The aim of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) do not occur. Under CoR laws, if you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you are part of the supply chain and therefore have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.

We can help make achieving compliance an easy task with prestart checklists, speed management, mass management and fatigue management.

Third-Party Solution Integration

WEBFLEET® can be fully integrated with your own software programs, providing a seamless business platform.

Unleash the power of fleet data into your organisation. With WEBFLEET’s open platform approach, you can customise processes to suit your business or simply tap into the existing integrations offered via TomTom’s partner network.

Whether you want to integrate TomTom fleet management with your office, in-vehicle or mobile applications, it can be done. Learn more here.

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