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Learn more about how we could assist your business by reading the case studies below.

Case study: Home in-care nurse service

A large fleet of in-home care nurses were stuck in the hard copy past. Each nurse would head out each day with a mountain of paperwork for each patient they had to treat. This led to a large administration burden at the end of each shift, as well as data accuracy issues.

Recent changes to health funding required the service to improve the accuracy of their record keeping, including exactly how long they spent with each patient.

The solution

With the introduction a TomTom Telematics solution that included the PRO 8275 driver terminal, the service was able to ensure they met their record keeping obligations whilst also improving their service offering. Benefits realised include:

  • Having visitation schedules, patients records and treatment plans readily available on one easy-to-use device
  • Getting to patients via the fastest route
  • Providing patients with an SMS alert when they are 5/10 minutes away
  • The ability to enter notes and updates directly onto systems in real-time
  • Accurate records of how long each carer spent with each patient

Case Study 2: A national car park management company

In addition to running their own carparks, the car park management company also managed carparks on behalf of other property owners.

Due to not having the ability to accurately measure time spent at each of these carparks, the car park management company experienced difficulty in knowing how much to bill each client, which resulted in possible lost revenue.

The solution

Using TomTom Trackers and WEBFLEET®, the car park management company was able to run a daily report that aggregates the time they have spent at each location. As a result, they have a seamless and accurate means of invoicing for time on site.

Case Study 3: Transport and logistics company

A heavy haulage company were interested in a holistic solution to streamline their job allocation process, increase their customer satisfaction and protect their drivers and equipment on the road. They also needed a solution to help them meet their requirements in relation to fatigue, speed and mass management.

The solution

An all-in-one solution was achieved by implementing a TomTom Telematics programme.

Using the Pro 8275 terminal and job allocation solution produced by a third-party software provider, the company now had a platform to successfully manage every aspect of the job allocation process, including providing clients with accurate ETAs and alerts. Furthermore, the system was also able to assist with fatigue, speed and mass management with the use of WEBFLEET’s extensive reporting suite.

The company was also able to better record crash and driving events using a sophisticated forward, rear and side-facing camera set up that plugged directly into WEBFLEET®.

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